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1. BohdanT - 05 Октября, 2008 - 10:37:42 - перейти к сообщению
Alexey Morozov is currently analyzing how to drive a modern graphics card with CUDA capabilities from A2 to get some computing power from graphic cards.
-there was also the OberonGL library around, which drives graphic cards with a simplified OGL.
-there are Pascal APIs for OpenGL, e.g. at http://www.basegraph.com/bg/bgp/bgpintro.html , with available source but not "open source", and I believe to have heard about an OpenGL Oberon API some time ago in this news group.
-You already have a performant volume renderer ()
-We have a volume renderer (voxel data based)
-There is the nice FDD package from Christoph Kleiner (still for System3) which allows nice 3D + time computer graphics, although not yet accelerated
-There is the three-dimensional dreams package (the precedessor of FDD)
- there is Dim3, also offering some basic 3D rendering capabilities
- we have a nice library for volumetric data handling, including Navier Stokes Fluid dynamics
Thus maybe we should join forces into a unified way to get advanced/fast Oberon Graphics.
Who would be willing to participate ?

Нужно перевести на русский, но я думаю и так всем все понятно Улыбка

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